6 Tips to get organized for Income Taxes

I know this isn’t anyone’s favorite topic, but this year with the economy the way it is.  Money is tight for everyone and we could all use a little help in being prepared for the tax season.  I found a great article at Money Talks News.  One I think we could all get some ideas […]

Health Benefits of Grapefruit

I love eating grapefruit – with or without a little sugar.  In fact, I love drinking the juice of a grapefruit as well.  But, I definitely go through periods of eating grapefruits consistently.  I however struggle with MS and I have been searching the internet for foods that would not only be beneficial to my […]

Super Easy Slow Cooker Recipes For Busy Moms (30 Set It, Forget It Nutritous & Delicious Slow Cooker Meals!)

When it comes to preparing scrumptious one-pot meals in record time, nothingbeats the good old appliance, the slow cooker (a.k.a. crock pot). The slow cookershould be busy moms/ new moms new best friend, and for good reason!We know you have too many tasks at hand and the last thing you want is to spendhours in […]

DIY Thanksgiving Tabletop Decor

Tea Stained Napkins No extra money in your budget for table decorations? Here are a few decorations that truly won’t cost you a lot but will add that special touch to your table. Don’t spent tons of money on vintage table cloths and decorations start with our Tea-stained Napkins Start with: 5 quarts water 10 […]

Practical Preparedness

Practical Preparedness Is it really possible that food storage can be this easy? I was so intrigued when I saw on the cover that I could build my food storage for $10 a week, so I bought the book and I can honestly say that the author of this book is brilliant! The book was […]

Lemon Chex Mix

  Lemon Chex Mix   Here is a fun recipe that we made yesterday. It is simple, makes a lot, and is very yummy!! After mixing it up we waited for it to cool then filled sandwich baggies, attached a note some ribbon, and then delivered to all the neighbors. We are so lucky to […]

Do It Yourself Herbal Remedies

Do it Yourself Home Remedies When disasters occur the medical industry always has a hard time keeping up with the needs of the affected. If there was a national crisis, loss of job, or personal emergency, how would you relieve your pain if doctors or medicine were not available? Fortunately there are many items that […]

Practical Soft Scrub Alternative

Using household cleaners these days is like washing your hard earned dollars right down the drain. Those products typically don’t even get the jobs done. But there are better, cheaper, and safer alternatives. Practical Soft Scrub Alternative This cleaner is an inexpensive, great smelling, effective and safer for your family. And you definitely won’t be […]

Homemade Playdough

Play “dough” Time My kids love to play with play dough, my husband despises it! So while he was out of town for a week my kids begged if we could buy play dough. Being that I am trying to save money I suggested we make play dough! My kids thought I was crazy, “you […]

Homemade Window Cleaner

Becoming Frugal I honestly cannot say that I have always been one who lived frugally. I always buy the store brand, I attempt to bring coupons, and I try to save money where I can. So when my husband challenged me to see how much money I could save in a week, I was determined […]