Green Smoothie Cleanse

Occasionally I come across a class that looks great!  I have been following Sproutman for years and I was excited to get his email for a new Green Smoothie Cleanse.

I do not know what the class costs - I am not affiliated with him in any way, I just thought some of our readers would find the class helpful, informative, and fun.  Not to metion possible weightloss and the other benefits thats come with a smoothie cleanse.  Here is the information with links to his site.

Good luck and if you happen to take the class - let us all know how it goes! 

Mmmm....It's like drinking a liquid salad.   With blended sprouts, too!

  Green Smoothie Cleanse - 7 Days to Feel Great.  A blending   extravaganza. (No juicer required.) Drink Up! Clean Out! Lose Weight!  A   series of 4 one and a half hour Live Online Sessions starting Monday February   18 and continuing Feb. 22, 25, 27 2013 @ 8PM EST (New York time). A one week   Online Group Cleanse including a flexible menu of blended raw fruits and   vegetables plus exotic drinks and detoxification protocols. Guided by Steve   Meyerowitz, Sproutman® best selling author of Juice   Fasting and Detoxification and Power   Juices Super Drinks. $20 Off if you register by   February 10. Video Recording, notes, and recipes available in case you miss   one of the classes. Plus daily emails.



    Time to shake off those Winter doldrums and start   thinking about getting in shape for Spring. One way to do that is to break   bad habits, start fresh, and face each day with renewed vigor. You are fully   capable of this. But perhaps you are not functioning as efficiently as you   know you can. All it will take is a small investment. How about One Week?


How Much of A Commitment?

    Are you willing to invest a week in order to   collect dividends for months? The dividends I'm talking about are the kind   where you have more energy; think more clearly, walk with more bounce, and   yes look a tad trimmer. All this happens when your body functions more   efficiently and your immune system is stronger. It's not a pricey pill; it's   not an ancient secret. It is a common sense program that requires work in the   form of commitment and discipline. I give you the (delicious) recipes; the   daily program (including flexible protocols); I guide you and the group   supports you. But you make the commitment and you invest the kitchen time. I   truly believe that the more time you spend in the kitchen preparing fresh   food, the better the quality of your life improves.


Video Replay

    Each class is recorded and you have 10 days to   watch the video replay anytime that suits you. So, if you cannot attend the   class in real time, or if you live too many time zones away (sorry Europe but   good morning Australia), then just catch the class the next morning.    There is NO Cost to sign up, so Click Here to reserve a spot if you are   considering it. When you decide to join, click the Buy Now Button Here to pay for your   seat and get the full class log-in information. All you need to join is a   computer and either a computer headset or your telephone. 



           Inside the blender: Colorful, super-healthy Bee pollen

           about to get blended with raspberries and blueberries.


Are You an Alumni? 50% OFF!

   If you have graduated from the Green Smoothie   Cleanse before, you can repeat for half price! Send an email here.


The 5 Threats to Your Health

   Feeling good comes naturally once you remove the   modern menaces that constrict our health—Stress, Congestion, Overindulgence,   Inflammation, and Infestation. Don’t get me wrong, our cleanse is not going   to cure everything and one week is not going to reverse a lifetime of   accumulated logjams. But cleansing naturally reduces inflammation,   neutralizes allergies, purifies your bloodstream, purges your intestinal   tract, balances your biochemistry, and yes, you'll also losesome of those   “unnecessary" pounds.


It's easier to Stay Well, than   to Get Well.


The Nature Cure Still Works

    If unencumbered by stress and the contaminants in   the modern diet, your body will revert to its natural balance. You could   recapture some of the "You" you remember from an earlier time. That   could mean feeling thinner, lighter, more energetic, productive, or having   better memory, focus, and attention. You are simply going to peal back the   layers and become the best of who you truly are. If done right, cleansing is   the shortest path to rejuvenation. Think of it as giving your car a tune-up   and a makeover. You’re still driving the same car, but now you’re getting   better mileage and a smoother ride.


       Personally, I get my best cleanses from Juice Fasting,  but I know that fasting is   not for everybody. That’s why I’m offering this  Green Smoothie Cleanse. The first   time we meet is NOT the first day of the cleanse. The actual cleansing starts   48 hours later so you have time to get organized. On the first class we talk   about what we're going to do, what we will need to do it, and how to begin.


Medications, Health Conditions

    I realize some of you are taking medications or   are struggling with common ailments like diabetes, obesity, hypoglycemia,   high blood pressure, or the like. You can succeed on this cleanse because you   are technically getting more nourishment than usual. Even though it is a diet   of "drinks," you are still digesting solid, albeit liquified food.   And you very well may be able to reduce those medications in just one week.   It's really happens! Visit your doctor in advance and let him monitor your   progress, before, during, and after. This has been a life changing experience   for many folks who have reduced their medications or eliminated them   altogether. It's true!


If you can't make the commitment   to work on your health, 

then how can you expect to   conquer your illness. -Steve Meyerowitz


The Most Important Factors

   One of the most important factors for a successful   cleanse is to clear your schedule. You can work your job and mostly keep your   regular routine. But for best results, keep parties with their tempting   foods, lunch dates, big trips, and stressful events off your calendar for   these 7 days. Give yourself an "inner vacation" and a break from   the common stuffing that typically drags you down.


 Good 4U blender


A green smoothie in the works above.

You can do this whole cleanse with a blender



    Exercise should be a part of any cleansing   program. But you don't want to enervate yourself during the cleanse. You need   to conserve your energy so you have it available for the inner detoxification   work that your organs and glands must perform. I will counsel you through a   list of appropriate exercises that both strenghthen and detoxify.


You Know You Want To Do This

   Maybe you have been thinking about doing a cleanse   for a while. You want to do it; you need to do it. Your interest is genuine.   Look, you’ve already read this far! Your instincts are guiding you correctly.   Don't let the noise of a busy life distract you again. Doing this kind of   thing with a group and a guide provides exactly the kind of confidence and   support you need to succeed. Now, here's another incentive. Purchase your seat before February 10 and   take $20 Off the registration fee. Temporarily reserve your spot here (no charge).     More details about the cleanse can be found here.


When you feel better in your   body, you approach

all your challenges with fresh   energy and renewed enthusiasm.

See you at the class.  —Steve Meyerowitz,   Sproutman


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Put These Online   Classes with Sproutman on Your Calendar:

Four Sessions February 18, 22, 25, 27, 2013 8pm EST. Green Smoothie Cleanse & Detox – A   4 Session Online Guided Course

There's no charge to sign up but $20 OFF if you   register by Feb. 10. Space is limited.



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